Global Missions


Pathways participates in multiple international mission outreach projects
and supports missionaries in various places throughout the world. For
more information, please contact Pastor Ed Williams.



Brazil Missions

For over 20 years, we have taken teams to local communities in Brazil to build
chapels, hold outreach events for children and adults, and provide medical, food,
and clothing assistance. 

Jamaica Missions

We take teams to build houses with the Independent Baptist Mission for Jamaica
as well as assisting at the Robin’s Nest Children’s Home and Orphanage. 

Kenya Missions

We take teams to build houses with Habitat for Humanity and to assist with the
ministry of the Quirino Familiy and the Amazing Grace Center for Widows and
Orphans in Kenya. 

Philippine Missions

We take teams to work with the poor, provide disaster relief, and have an evangelical
outreach to local communities in the Philippines. Our next Philippine Mission Trip is
scheduled for sometime in the near future.

Humanitarian Aid

We send funds to assist with relief after natural disasters, and for special projects,
like providing safe drinking water or educational opportunities in various countries.



The Brown Family
Scott Brown is a Jewish believer in Yeshua who has been sharing the Good News
of the Messiah with Jewish people for over 30 years. Scott entered full time missionary
service with Chosen People Ministries in 1988 and planted Son of David Congregation.
After 19 fruitful years of pastoral leadership at SODC in Maryland, Scott, along with
his wife Marjorie and four of their seven children, moved to New Zealand where Scott
served as Director of Celebrate Messiah New Zealand. Scott now resides back in
Maryland, where he continues to work with Chosen People Ministries, strategizing
similar outreach work around the world.

The George Family
Rob & Donna George serve with NOVO (formally Church Resource Ministries) in
the International "Ethne Division" in Europe. They lived in Szeged, Hungary from
2003-2010, supporting evangelical church leaders and church planting & mission
efforts in Southeast Hungary and Northern Serbia, also partnering with the Novi Sad
Theological Seminary in Serbia. From 2011-2018, they lived in Kandern, Germany,
where they worked with the Free Evangelical denomination of Germany. We supported
mission efforts and church planting work across the region, particularly toward the Lake
Constance area on the Swiss border. In 2019, they returned to Szeged, Hungary to
come alongside mission leaders and church planters to encourage Gospel movements
in the Hungarian-speaking world. 

The Quirino Family
Julio and Angelica Quirino joined the staff of Africa Inland Mission in 1996. After
training, English language school, and raising support, they arrived in Nairobi in
2000. They are presently training church leaders, pastors and missionaries to
reach the world through the Kibera New Life Church in Nairobi as they strengthen
the missionary vision of the community. They further serve people living in the slum
through sports ministry, a children's choir and by offering classes that enable people
to develop a trade so they are able to support themselves and their families.They
have recently moved to Mombasa where Julio will become the director of training
for the region.

The Olero Ministry
We provide financial support for the Amazing Grace Center for Widows and Orphans
Care Center

in Kenya, founded by former member, Rafael Olero. We also helped oversee
the work of building a dormitory and continue to seek ways to help them become
more self-sufficient. In 2018, Kenya team continued our outreach to and support of
this ministry to those in need.

The Aziz Family
Pastor Homero and the Aziz family work with "MORE" - an international mission
organization that seeks to equip and inspire suffering Christians in personal and
practical ways around the world. Founded in 2010, MORE offers entrepreneurial
training, resettlement, and micro-financing to Christian families in areas affected
by severe persecution, wars, or natural disasters. The Aziz family works with
refugees in Jordan, Iraq, and Syria.