new here?

New Here?

The best way to see what we are like is to come as you are and be our guest for worship. Feel free to dress however you are most comfortable. We wear jeans, slacks, dresses, shorts...and maybe a tie or two for our pastors.

We are located just off I-270 on W. Diamond Ave. between Perry Parkway and Muddy Branch Rd. and are easily accessible by car or Ride On bus route 54. Look for our guest parking if you choose to drive.

A greeter will welcome you as you enter. Let him or her know that you are new to Pathways if you need help finding your way. Childcare is avaliable for our littlest ones. Elementary children are invited to Children's Church during the service. One of our pastors will invite you to fill out a Connection Card so that we can help connect you with other worshipers and ministry opportunities.

To learn more about joining us as a member, click here.

Sunday Schedule
9:15 am — Bible Study for Children, Youth, and Adults
10:30 am — Worship (Communion - 1st Sunday of each month)