About Pathways Student Ministries

Our desire is for youth to have an encounter with the Living God,
which leads to a life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.
This relationship inspires them into service, urges them to dig
deeper into scripture, draw closer to the Creator, and encourages
them to love with a Christ-like love.

Pathways Baptist Church offers multiple opportunities for youth
to engage in ministry. From camps and retreats to small groups,
there is a place for everyone to come together in ministry!
Won’t you join us?

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1.  Our source verse is, “A cord of three strands is not quickly broken,”
     from Ecclesiastes 4:12. And so from the context of the verses before,
     we take that to mean three strands:

        a.  God's Story
        b.  Your Story
        c.  Your Friend’s Story

2.  You’re actually missing a vowel...?

        a. Well, we’re students, and our story isn’t complete yet, and so a
            missing vowel in our name seemed a good way to signify
            that we are still and always on a journey with Jesus that never
            really ends. We still pronounce it “strands,” though.

3.   The distressed feature is just for style?

         a. No, we’re students! And our lives are messy and full of chaos,
             and we look for Jesus in all of that, so the distressed style
             seemed a good way to communicate that.

4.  Is there a meaning to the colors?

a.  Glad you asked! Pathways is a multicultural church, but most
     youth groups of multicultural churches aren’t. But we are!
     And so the colors represent all the features of our
     many forms of diversity, with the uniform shape and size
     representing God’s love for each of us.



Jonathan Der

Student Ministry Pastor

Rev. Jonathan Der was born and raised in St. Louis MO,
and after college, proceeded to move all around the country
to help next generations find and follow Jesus. He comes to
Pathways with 20+ years of student ministry experience in
all sorts of settings, eager to see how God will use him next!
Hopefully that will involve lots of meals with all our different
families and cultures, and leading our student ministries
towards even more dynamic growth, all with great laughter
and joy.


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