Kenya at a Glance

Amazing Grace Orphans and Widows Care Center

Kenya at a Glance

AGOWCC is located near Kisumu, in the southwest section of Kenya.

Economic Summary 
GDP $17.43 billion (2005) at Market Price. $ 41.36 billion (Purchasing Power Parity, 2006) 

There also exists a large, informal economy that is never counted as part of the official GDP figures.
Annual growth rate 5.8% (2005): 2006 = 6.1% : Estimate for 2007 = 7.2%
Per capita income Per Capita Income (PPP)= $1,200
Natural resources Wildlife, land (5% arable)
Agricultural produce   teacoffeesugarcane, horticultural products, cornwheatricesisal, pineapples,pyrethrum, dairy products, meat and meat products, hides, skins
Industry petroleum products, grain and sugar milling, cement, beer, soft drinks, textiles, vehicle assembly, paper and light manufacturing, tourism