adult discipleship

Adult Discipleship


This is a great place to learn about the Bible from one of our many gifted teachers every Sunday morning at 9:15.

Adult 1 Co-ed - All Ages Rev. Larry White and Lisa Wardle
Adult 2 Co-ed - All Ages  Mary Williams and Richard DeBose
Adult 3 Co-ed - 50's John Stewart

Adult 7

Co-ed – 60's Clayton Teague
Adult 8 Ladies - All Ages Nancy Fortna
Senior Adult Co-ed Joan Coker
New Members Co-ed Pastor Paula Moutsos

We believe that people are looking for more than a friendly church community — they also want to build lasting relationships. These are groups of 8 to 12 people, who study the Word of God together, and encourage, and support each other to do what it says!


Behold Your Messiah (NEW STUDY!)   Audrey Lupisella

Men's Group                                                                             Danni Lupisella      
Let's Talk - Parents of H.S. Juniors and Seniors              Pastor Jonathan Der      
Improving Relationships by Improving Communications               Lisa Wardle      

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We offer seminars and classes on various topics throughout the year, check our calendar for other upcoming events.