adult discipleship

Adult Discipleship

Bible Study  

This is a great place to learn about the Bible from one of our many gifted teachers every Sunday morning at 9:15.

Adult 1 Co-ed - All Ages Rev. Larry White
Adult 2 Co-ed - All Ages Cynthia Guerrero, Mary Williams, Richard DeBose
Adult 3 Co-ed - 50's John Stewart
Adult 4 Co-ed - 20's-40's Kellie Reynolds & Debbie McCoy
Adult 5 On Hiatus  
Adult 6 On Hiatus  
Adult 7 Co-ed – 60's Clayton Teague
Adult 8A Ladies - 50's Nancy Fortna
Adult 8B Ladies - 30's-40's Nalva Robinson
Senior Adult A Co-ed Fred Marks
Senior Adult B Women Joan Coker

Small Groups  

We believe that people are looking for more than a friendly church community — they also want to build lasting relationships. These are groups of 8 to 12 people, who study the Word of God together, and encourage, and support each other to do what it says!

Pathways 5:30 pm Co-ed Pastor Paula Moutsos
Various Locations 8:00 pm Young Adults Min. Leah Harlow
Olney, MD 5:30 am Men Steve DeRose
Pathways 6:30 pm Co-ed Pastor David Hill
Pathways 6:30 pm Middle School & Senior High Min. Leah Harlow
Panera Bread
(various locations)
6:30 pm Co-ed Rev. Larry White & Lisa Wardle

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We offer seminars and classes on various topics throughout the year, check our calendar for other upcoming events.