Worship Team Information

We are excited that you are interested in serving with us on the Worship Team! God has a specific purpose for every follower of Jesus and it is expressed through the way He has gifted you. Ephesians chapter 4 teaches us that God has redeemed us and gifted us to serve within the Body of Christ - and we believe that He specifically sets apart those who lead in worship with His people.

Worship Team Members are not just weekly volunteers. As "lead worshippers", we say that those in this ministry should believe that they are called to it and gifted for it by God Himself. The desire to pursue and fulfill the expectations that you will read in the Worship Team Ministry Handbook, the Worship Team Application, and the Worship Team Covenant will take a someone who believes that this is God's calling on their life.

If you choose to download and read the documents, please do so prayerfully and talk to God about your calling. Leading God's people in worship each Sunday is an exciting journey. Let’s agree together and say “yes” to what God has for us fulfill the purpose that God has set us apart to do!