Pathways 2 Reading (P2R):

A ministry of Pathways BC is closing the learning gap for kids in the 4th grade.
We are pairing dedicated tutors and culturally relevant, socially, and emotionally
rich literature to form a dynamic breakfast book club. Our goal is simple: We want
to engage children, in a relaxed and positive setting, with books that have topics that
are interesting to them to create readers. Each novel is broken into a series of thoughtful
lessons designed to inspire kids to read deeply, think critically, talk openly, and write
reflective about topics that matter to them.


About the Role

P2R is looking for caring adults to train as part of our tutoring community. You do not
have to be a trained educator, just a person who loves to read and wants to share that
passion with kids. We will teach you the rest! Tutors will work in-person with small groups
of 3-5 students. Tutors will start the day with their group before school – enjoy breakfast
together, check homework, and read. Research shows that if a child can start their day in
a pleasant and organized environment it makes them ready and available to learn for the
rest of the school day.


Donating Books for Children:

We are thankful for your continual support of all of our ministry outreach efforts in our
world and in our nation but especially in our community.

We would like to give the gift of reading to our neighbors at Gaithersburg Elementary
School.  From now until December 13th you will have an opportunity to find age
appropriate books on our Amazon Book Wishlist.

This online event reminds everyone of the joys of giving and how your contribution
supports Pathways 2 Reading with a grateful heart during this season of blessings.

Pastor Paula Moutsos 

Thank you for blessing these children who will one day be
our future leaders.