ADVENT:  A Season of Preparation
A Gift from AXIS 


Celebrate the season of our Savior's birth as you guide your family
through the season of Advent.  

We invite you to follow along with our four week family devotional
on the season of Advent. Beginning November 28th, celebrate the
season of our Savior’s birth as you guide your family through studies
on Hope, Joy, Love, and Peace.


Getting Started:  View these videos with your family to begin your
journey of Preparation for the Coming of Christ

Rediscover the meaning of Christmas;

Preparing our hearts to celebrate;

Blessing the ordinary moments together.


Week 1:  Hope  -  Learning the art of hope involves slowing down
long enough to recognize that things aren’t as they should be. This
week is all about accepting God’s invitation to slow down, rest, and
remember our dependence on Him.


Merry Christmas from our Pathways family to your family this blessed
season of anticipation and celebration.