October 29-31: 3STRNDS Retreats are finally back! Pathways, would you pray for our middle and high school students who are in desperate need of an intentional retreat to help them reconnect with God? Many of them have lost even the awareness that they need God in their lives this deeply. And please pass on the registration link to any families or students who aren't yet part of the 3STRNDS youth group!


Student Ministry Scholarships

Thank you for supporting some of the best kids on the planet in their pursuit of God and becoming Kingdom Workers in our communities!

Students who apply to our Work Study financial assistance program will be required to "pay back" their assistance at the rate of 1 hour of service to Pathways for every $10 received. We hope to create intergenerational relationships and the opportunities to serve God and their church family in meaningful ways. We hope that they will see that while God gives so much grace in our lives - there is still effort and work on our part.  

Thank you so much again for investing in our students!