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COMING SOON:   Friday, June 3 - Saturday, June 4

PathKids third grade and up will have the opportunity to join our students on this fun and educational fundraiser. To register or for more info visit our 30 Hour Famine site.

The what

Thirty hours. It’s just over one day, but in that short time, more than 7,000 kids will die of hunger-related causes.

The why

The question is: will you care enough to let their hunger move you to action? Inspired by the love of God, you can join the fight. To keep kids alive. To give food to all who go hungry. To hunger for justice.

Can I donate to the Famine here?

Yes! Visit our 30 Hour Famine site to donate.


Let's do a 30-Hour famine together and help fight hunger

Your Pathways Team