Job Opportunity: Student Ministries

Pathways Baptist Church Job Profile

Position: Student Ministry Pastor

Status: Full-time, Salaried position


Vision and Mission of Pathways

The people of Pathways Baptist Church are “Walking together with Jesus to change lives.”  Our mission is Following Jesus, Loving People, and Bringing Hope.  Pathways is located in Gaithersburg, MD, part of the greater Washington, DC region, and it draws members from a broad geographical area.  Gaithersburg was named “the most diverse community in America” in 2017, making it an exciting and challenging place for ministry to students.  Please see the Church Profile for further information about the church itself.


The Student Ministry Pastor Role

The Student Ministry Pastor will be the primary leader of Pathways’ ministry to junior high and high school students and their families, and the primary equipper of volunteers serving in student ministries. An open door to ministry also exists with college students, particularly local campuses and commuters.  Pathways currently has a wonderful group of committed young people from a variety of ethnic and cultural backgrounds, though they are spread out geographically and attend a number of different high schools. Given our location, we find our parents to be very hardworking and high achieving people.


The Team

  • This position reports directly to the Minister of Discipleship; all ministry staff report to the Executive Pastor

  • This position relates directly with other discipleship staff, including leaders in the junior high and high school ministries, and the junior and senior high students.

  • This position includes participation in weekly church staff meetings, discipleship team meetings, and other leadership meetings as necessary and appropriate.


Goals and Expectations

  • Participate actively in planning and strategizing of discipleship ministries, including but not limited to the student ministries.

  • Bring skills and experiences to bear that help provide quality leadership for existing programs, volunteers, and students.

  • Improve the quality and focus of our student ministries, evidenced in part by increased attendance and participation.

  • Oversee the group of experienced men and women, strong volunteer leaders, who are currently leading and teaching our students.

  • Build a leadership development pipeline for committed volunteers who love Jesus and love students.


Primary Responsibilities

  • Recruit, train, and disciple leaders for the student ministry

  • Serve as a primary discipleship communicator with the students

  • Communicate effectively with parents, volunteers, and students

Key Performance Indicators (aligned with Pathways’ Strategic Plan)

  • Provide an assortment of opportunities designed to increase unity among our students across demographic groups and other potentially limiting affinities

  • Help the church discover and eliminate barriers to students becoming fully immersed and valued in congregational life: giving and receiving, serving, celebrating.

  • Establish strategies and practices for ongoing leadership development for student ministries

  • Reduce barriers and build bridges for greater connections with our community and under-reached and underserved young people


Candidate Profile

  • Love Jesus

  • Energetically love the local church

  • Love students and their families, connecting across ethnic and socioeconomic lines

  • Embrace the vision, mission, and values of Pathways

  • Demonstrate a strong work ethic

  • Model a teachable spirit through ongoing learning and attitude of constant improvement

  • Understand and encourage students who are facing stress, academic pressures, and living in a competitive environment

  • Plan and manage projects well

  • Education: minimum is College degree or comparable life/ministry experience

  • Have good references

  • Role model: if married, be a good spouse; if a parent, parent well


Key Skills

  • Work as part of a team

  • Communication

  • Leading people


Work Schedule

  • Most work weeks are 40-45 hours a week.

  • All ministerial staff work on Sunday, then normally Mon-Thurs.  When ministry events are scheduled on weekends, appropriate adjustments can be made to the weekly work schedule.

  • All staff are required to participate in weekly staff gatherings.

  • Scheduling adjustments require communication with your direct supervisor & Executive Pastor.

  • Traveling with the students to camps, mission trips, and retreat events is expected.


Compensation (see Pathways Personnel Policy Manual)

  • Regionally appropriate salary commensurate with education and experience

  • Health insurance (self/family) & Long-term Disability insurance

  • Retirement (4-3-3 plan)

  • Vacation, conference, and sick leave

  • Potential provision of townhouse living accommodations


We welcome interested and qualified applicants and invite you to contact our Executive Pastor at: ewilliams@PathwaysBC.org for information regarding next steps in the search process. We would like to fill the position by summer 2018 if not sooner.